Worrawong Atcharawongchai

PhD (HKU), Faculty of Law; research field: Efficiency of intellectual property enforcement

Mr. Worrawong Atcharawongchai obtained his PhD degree at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. He obtained his LL.B. at Thammasat University, Thailand. Then, he had great opportunity to study three LL.M. degrees in Durham University, National University of Singapore and Chicago-Kent College of law. With solid educational background from five different jurisdictions, he has strengths in international comparative law.  His wide areas of expertise are ranged from the intellectual property law, information and technology law, criminal law, and economic analysis of law. Having experience as a judge in Thailand for 8 years, he has not only perceived the law in theory, but also applied such legal theory with the real cases in order to deliver justice to parties. Warrawong has been awarded with many scholarships, awards, and grants such as the Microsoft Scholarship, the CALI Awards, the postgraduate scholarships etc. His published articles, both in Thai and English, include “Legal System of Singapore”, “Monetary Damages in Trademark cases: The Comparative Study on the Evaluation of Trademark Damages in Thailand and the U.S.”, and “the Non-Pecuniary Damages in Wrongful Act Causing Bodily Harm and Death: The Comparative Study on the U.S. and Thailand Laws”. The topic of his Ph.D. dissertation is related to the hotly debates among scholars, namely “The Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Thailand”.

Field of study: Efficiency of Intellectual Property Enforcement

Worrawong’s primary supervisor is Dr. Li Yahong, and co-supervisor is Mr. Michael Jackson.

  • PhD (HKU), Faculty of Law; research field: Efficiency of intellectual property enforcement