Dev Gangjee

Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

Dev came to visit Hong Kong under the Des Voeux Chambers (DVC) Oxford-HKU Visiting Fellowship scheme in 2018.  During his stay, he conducted research in HKU, delivered a Keynote speech at the DVC-HKU IP Symposium and gave an evening seminar to HKU Law students on “How to Write Good Legal Essays and Pursue Postgraduate Legal Studies at the University of Oxford”.


Dev Gangjee is Professor of Intellectual Property Law within the Law Faculty and a Tutorial Fellow at St Hilda’s College. Prior to joining Oxford, he was a senior lecturer at the London School of Economics. Dev is a graduate of the National Law School of India and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

Dev’s research focuses on Intellectual Property (IP), with a special emphasis on Branding and Trade Marks, Geographical Indications and Copyright law. Thematic research interests include the history and political economy of IP, collective and open innovation, and the significance of registration for intangibles. He has acted in an advisory capacity for national governments, law firms, international organisations and the European Commission on IP issues.

Besides IP, Dev has teaching interests across private law, including contract, land and tort law. He has won teaching prizes (LSE) and a student welfare award (Oxford). He is a visiting professor at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre, having taught on their LLM programme since 2010. He has held visiting fellowships at the Institute of Intellectual Property in Tokyo (2005), the IP Research Institute of Australia at UNSW (2010) and Hong Kong University (2018). At Oxford, Dev was previously Director of the Oxford Diploma in IP Law and Practice as well as a former Director of the Oxford IP Research Centre (OIPRC). He is an Academic Member of the OIPRC as well as a research Affiliate with IP Osgoode, Canada. Dev serves on the Editorial Boards of the Modern Law Review and the open access journal Laws.

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  • Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford