Chen Zhijie

PhD (HKU), Faculty of Law; research fields: Space Law, intellectual property rights

Mr. CHEN Zhijie obtained his PhD degree from the the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. His main research interests cover intellectual property rights, space law, the WTO Law and China. He graduated with degrees in law from the Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong. Mr. Chen has published numerous academic articles in some international and Chinese law journals.  Mr. Chen has also traveled to some countries and presented academic presentations in a number of prominent international conferences organized by prestigious research institutions and universities, including World Trade Institute, Society of International Economic Law, American Society of International Law, Chinese Law Society, National University of Singapore, University of Washington, Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong.

Prior to his academic journey in the University of Hong Kong, Mr. Chen has been a qualified Chinese lawyer and practiced in a prominent Chinese law firm. He has provided legal services to a number of corporations in a variety of industries in China, ranging from manufacturing, environmental protection to pharmaceutical and so on. Those involved services include intellectual property, merger and acquisition, securities transactions and corporate governance related legal affairs. He also represents clients in various civil and commercial litigation as well as business transactions.

His primary supervisor for his PhD study is Professor Zhao Yun.

  • PhD (HKU), Faculty of Law; research fields: Space Law, intellectual property rights